Jul 29 2009

What if your co-worker is stealing your ideas?

If you are smart and have consistently good ideas, then it opens you up to having your ideas stolen by conniving co-workers. Especially if you are new and don’t know office politics,” says Lerzan Aksoy, professor at Fordham University and co-author of the book Why Loyalty Matters.  How can you protect yourself against such situations?


Jul 29 2009

Smart Planet: Loyal or lucrative customers may not be the most profitable customers

A few years back, the head of a business intelligence tools vendor that served the banking sector made an interesting revelation to me about what some of his banking customers were learning. While they all had chased the high-income, high-deposit customers to increase profits, analysis of their revenue streams showed an entirely different picture: that their most profitable customers came from the lower income, lower-deposit end of the scale. How is this so? Because these people had to pony up fees for overdrafts and not meeting minimum balances and so forth.



Jul 24 2009

News from Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson’s Web site — Women For Hire

The reality is that our relationships equal our personal happiness and our professional success. As managers, our success depends upon getting the most out of the people in our organizations, and building relationships with our customers. And for us as individuals, everything we want to achieve in life is going to be accomplished with and through our relationships with others.

The glue that binds our relationships together is loyalty.  Read more about why loyalty is important… Even at a time when companies fire even the most loyal employees – people who truly sacrificed for their companies.


Jul 24 2009

How Can Recognition in the Workplace Create Loyalty?

We are usually very quick in criticizing others but not very good at recognizing the things they do for us, completmenting them or even patting them on the back for their great work.  Our dear friends Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick and authors of the bestselling book the Carrot Principle have their recet newsletter out.  How does recognition and reward link to we as employees feeling more loyal to the company we work for?  Check out the newsletter.


Jul 22 2009

Why a Customer isn’t always a profitable one – Wall Street Journal

A lot of companies look at customer loyalty the wrong way.

Without question, loyalty is important. Loyal customers hang on for years, devote a larger share of their wallet to the company, and recommend the company to their friends. Customer loyalty, in short, helps drive profits.

But what too many companies fail to understand is this: Loyalty does not always equal profits. In fact, many companies don’t know how to recognize—and thus encourage—the kind of customer loyalty that’s really worth having.


Jul 22 2009

Can customer loyalty be a bad thing? Definitely!

Check out our article on the topic on Harvard Business Online.