God of Loyalty . . . and Fortune and War

Napoleon Hill once said, “Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life.”  This quote could very well could be a summary for the Chinese General Guan Yunchang, God of Loyalty, Fortune, and War.  Westerners will likely see the connection between war and fortune, for a powerful country can loot a weaker country during times of war.  In actuality, General Guan Yuchang is a peaceful deity who uses his skills to avoid the confrontations of war. Thus, by avoiding war his country is able to prosper.  This period of prosperity then creates loyalty among the countrymen.  However, not all battles could be avoided.  During one battle when General Guan Yunchang is said to have been captured and forced to decide between switching alliances or facing death.  Holding steadfast to his virtue of loyalty, the General chose the latter.  General Guan Yunchang is traditionally found within Chinese restaurants, displaying a sword and helmet, being serenaded by candles, incense, fruit, and tea.

Link: http://www.gz.gov.cn/vfs/subsite/JGIN7QPB-AZE4-2MTO-EA6G-R281E8V2SFJH/content/content.jsp?contentId=496756&catId=6654

Link: http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/chinese-mythology.php?deity=GUAN-YU

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