More To Loyalty Than Frequency?

“You mean there is more to loyalty than just frequency?” YES! In an interview between Mark Vondrasek, Starwood’s senior vice president of interactive and loyalty marketing, and USA Today, Vondrasek described Starwood is looking at factors beyond just frequency in guest says. Referring to Starwood’s new loyalty program, Vondrasek said, “We looked at factors beyond just frequency, which is the key measure in traditional hotel loyalty programs. For instance, we evaluated factors including guest’s profitability, their lifetime growth potential and their ability to influence travel by others. We even targeted some travelers who were loyal not to Starwood, but to our competitors.”

This is one case where Starwood is leading the pack. In what looks to be a future Harvard Business Case Study, Starwood has taken the initial step in welcoming selected guests into their loyalty program. This is where Starwood segregates itself from the pack. Traditionally, hotel guests start off in the lower tiers of a loyalty program and then as their total stays increase so does their standing within the hotel loyalty program. With Starwood, however, it seems that Starwood is welcoming guests with the full benefits of their loyalty program in an attempt to woo hotel guests.


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