Brand Loyalty For Life

Harley-Davidson is commonly cited as having one of the most loyal following of any brand.  A factory sponsored owners group called, Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) has more than 1 million members and more than 1,400 chapters worldwide.  Harley enthusiasts regularly partake in group rides with Sturgis being referred to as “the granddaddy of all motorcycle rallies” as per Harley-Davidson’s website. 

Looking to capitalize on Harley-Davidson’s brand loyalty, Ford introduced an F-150 Super Crew Harley-Davidson edition pick-up truck fully detailed with prominently displayed Harley-Davidson logos.  Going one step further, many loyal fans have the H-D logo permanently tattooed. 

One blogger wrote, “People get tattooed for a variety of reasons, but a common desire is to honor something for which one has a deep and abiding reverence.”  Beyond a handful of companies, including Harley-Davidson, most companies do not instill such deep, devoted feelings.  However, as one blog, albeit one titled, “Ugliest Tattoos: The Gallery of Regrets” has  a webpage devoted to brand loyalty.  Companies such as Cheetos chips, Triscuit chips, Oreo cookies, Elmers Glue, Hamburger Helper, Converse All-Star, Newport cigarettes, Velveeta cheese, Cracker Barrel dinner, and Monster energy drink are all tattooed on at least one person. 

In looking for new engagement metrics, the “tattoo metric” may not be far from reality.  How many people would tattoo your company’s logo on their arm or back?  What does your answer say about the way your company is perceived by its constituents? 



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